Donna Jordan DO

Dr. Donna Jordan has practiced Family

Medicine for over 15 years in Abilene,

Texas. She completed her residency in

1999 at Texas Tech Health Science

Center in Lubbock. Her philosophy is

that mainstream medicine hasn’t evolved enough to provide real hormone therapy and weight loss solutions so she created BioFit to customize a balanced plan for each individual. She believes individualized testing is key to finding out exactly what is going on inside your body. Dr. Jordan gives you a personalized analysis to help you control your health and put you on the path to your healthiest life.

Dr. Jordan created BioFit as the perfect solution to bring health and vitality back into your life. She can help you with weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, Fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid, anxiety, depression, hair loss , irritable bowel , low energy and just feeling better.

Stop looking in the mirror and beating yourself up by taking control of your health and calling Dr. Jordan and BioFit Abilene today!

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